1519 has been bearing the well-burnt torch of garage rock ‘n roll in a remote SE DC alley for over a decade. What began as a weekly gathering of neighborhood pickers, strummers, bangers, ranters and screamers has evolved over time into a song-writing collaboration between Ted Coyle, Jon Haberman and Rich Lucas – backed up by veteran DC drummer Mike Magor and former Nog bassist Robert Moore. The rhythm section is complemented by Russell Sturm’s sonorous keys, Tom Wall’s lyrical saxophone and Fred Reuss’s rustic, over-electrified fiddle. From time to time, Ed Gilland will slip in a little extemporaneous primal-scream poetry on the zeitgeist and/or the events of the day.


While garage rock is forged in the moment, for the moment—from whatever blend of talents, influences, inspirations and performance-enhancing substances coalesce on any particular night—the process generates a joy that you might find infectious.  This site is here in an effort to share that.